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Dave is a dedicated futurist and veteran of the high-tech industry, with over 19 years of experience creating and developing advanced systems.
Currently, Dave is Vice President, Corporate Development for Onvantage Inc., where he is responsible for establishing steady state operations for current dialup products and services and also for evolving these offerings to wireless and broadband.
Prior to Onvantage, Dave was the Chief Architect for Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems responsible for developing the next generation products and services for future telecommunications markets.
He was also responsible for developing the industrial infrastructure and global alliances to implement the Bill Gates and Craig McCaw backed Teledesic "Internet in the Sky" system.
Dave also served in various System Engineering, Business Development and Program Management roles during his 14 year's with TRW, ranging from global network system integration to advanced technology application in the automotive, space and transportation sectors.
Dave is a graduate of UCLA with a BS in System Engineering and Economics. He is married with three children and lives in Morgan Hill, California.